Oostende’s victory over Darussafaka predicted live in my Telegram channel

I will show you now in this article how the subscribers of my Telegram channel could be guided live in their betting process. Yesterday, I was watching basketball games as usually and at the halftime, I entered to check the encounter between Filou Oostende and Darussafaka Tekfen. It was the last round of the Basketball Champions League and a game had no special meaning for the teams involved. Both of them were already out before this round after a mediocre season. Normally, I don’t bet this kind of games because the players’ level of motivation could be extremely low.

For my surprise, I realized that Darussafaka came to Belgium only with 2 foreigners and without Sinan Guler as well. I didn’t know that before checking the list of players at that very moment. So their roster was composed by many young local players. The club decided to give them a chance to play and rest some important fellows for the domestic league.

On the other side, Filou Oostende was with a full roster and able to win.  With this victory, they won’t make history but at least they will avoid the last place of the group. So I bet on them at odd 1.44 and I recommended to my subscribers to do the same. The odd was not amazing I have to admit. Eventually, Oostende won with a good margin of 10 points, but I didn’t want to risk suggesting a handicap to take.

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