Will Bursaspor finally win a game in Eurocup?

Only losses in the last games for Bursaspor both in the Turkish league and in the Eurocup. The big project of this season it seems to melt like ice cream. The pitty is that Bursaspor has one of the largest rotation in Europe, with 5 foreigners plus 6 very good local players. But the results have failed to come. Maybe this time, Bursaspor have a chance even if Gran Canaria is a big name.
The Turkish side should take advantage of the homecourt and of the fact that the opponents are in a bad moment, not only because they have lost a couple of games in a row, but as well because they are tired by so many road trips. Gran Canaria was travelling a lot during the last weeks and this could influence their physical shape a lot. The fatigue accumulated is an important factor who decides games.
In the same time, Bursaspor had the last Eurocup game at home and during the weekend they visited Petkimspor for an embarrassing loss. Probably there, Bursaspor slowed down the engine, saving energy for the next Eurocup round against Gran Canaria.
Another important argument is the fact that inside the Spanish team are some tensions between the head coach and some players as reported by Sportando. This conflictive situation of Herbalife Gran Canaria is very dangerous because will affect a lot the motivation and the well-being of the whole squad. May Bursaspor have a chance!

Image: Eurocup

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