Will the party boys of Virtus beat Brindisi?

Will the party boys of Virtus beat Brindisi?

This is maybe the most crucial game of the season for Virtus Bologna in Legabasket. Despite their presence in the Final 4 of the Basketball Champions League, in Italy, this legendary team is struggling to enter the playoff. They are right now on 11th with 5 rounds remaining. To not make the playoffs in the domestic league after such a great season in Europe, will be an embarrassing situation for Virtus Bologna, especially having this impressive roster, one of the largest in Italy.

That’s why the win against Brindisi is a must. The visitors are also a tough team with experienced players like Jeremy Chappell, Adrian Banks, Tony Gaffney etc. Brindisi is coming after an important win against Venezia but I trust Virtus Bologna to be superior on many chapters. If the party boys will try to focus on this game, Virtus has to win it easily. And let’s not forget that Brindisi has lost all their last 3 games away in front of weaker teams than Bologna: Reggio Emilia, Brescia and Cantu.

If the American guys can put themselves together, respect the strategy of Sasha Djordjevic and avoid chaotic plays, this squad can reach at least the semifinals in Legabasket. Not reaching the playoffs, having this roster and coach it would be the most ridiculous thing ever.

Gratian Cormos, info@brainbasketball.net

Virtus beat Brindisi

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