A ridiculous Unics Kazan humiliated by Spanish “kids” of Joventut

Yesterday night, I saw the worst basketball of this season. American stars, selfish as always, without any discipline as always running to stay close to the opponents, a bunch of youngsters that travelled the whole continent for this encounter.
Joventut Badalona came into this game without 3 important players: Ante Tomic, Pau Ribas and Shawn Dawson and their chances to win the battle were minimal. But they fought for their chances and they proved they could be better than American legionaries coming to Europe only to make money.
As you know, the players of Joventut are almost teenagers, inexperienced and this could be seen in some moments of the game when they lost the possession of the ball very easy. They were not better than Unics ex-NBA and ex-Euroleague Americans but they had the sky-high motivation.
Unics players underestimated these Spanish kids, they were too lazy to run and make a good defense and that’s why they were punished by the freshness of those kids. They were surprised by Joventut power to resist the entire game.
Actually, Unics Kazan looked like a team without a coach, without any ideas on the court, improvising every minute in the absence of any tactics and discipline. They played like in the schoolyard, without intensity, only for fun. A nightmarish basketball on both sides of the court, that can bring you only a deserved loss. Simply because in the history of basketball chaotic offense + lack of defense never won games.

Image: Eurocup

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