Bahcesehir: wasting money to play an embarrassing basketball

The Eurocup team of Bahcesehir having the roster full with “excellent” foreigners and Turkish players collapsed once again this season against the underdog. This time it was Besiktas who stole the win by a good margin 86-76. It’s not about the loss, but about wasting a lot of money without results on building a strong competitive roster, bringing in foreigners with an impressive curriculum just in order to be beaten by a couple of young home-grown players helped by 2 Americans.

How is possible to have such bad results with this roster, with this budget against a team that is trying to survive economically in the last year? Because this is Besiktas, a club that was fighting with a shortage of money and that’s why they have chosen to focus on local talents instead of buying expensive mercenaries. Besiktas is an experiment, a decent and very good one, that could be followed by Bahcesehir too and by many other clubs in Turkey and in the whole of Europe.

Investing in local players, growing them and giving them space to play is the only sustainable idea in European basketball. This is the opposite of the stupid idea of buying expensive foreigners that won’t worth the money you invest, they won’t build chemistry because they are selfish and without any discipline and so on. Keep waisting millions of fake icons in order to play a ridiculous game each week!

Image: Eurocup

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