Barça playing very different home and away

FC Barcelona is on the right path to the Liga ACB Finals and probably they will steal the title this season. But their game is looking very different home and away. Starting with the first round of the playoff series, when Barca faced Joventut Badalona, you could see a very strong team at home, in Palau Blaugrana but a very weak game when they faced Badalona away. When it was necessary, in the crucial match at home, Barca destroyed Joventut and advanced as everybody expected.

The same thing is happening now in the series with Iberostar Tenerife. In the first game, at home, the Azulgrana squad humiliated the visitors with more than 30 points margin, having a record of 17 three-pointers made. Then, in yesterday game you hardly recognize Barca. They finished with a pathetic 21% from the arc, with only 5 shots made from 24. Yes, Barca was perfect from the free-throw line with 19-19 but this couldn’t save a mediocre game, dominated by the host team. 

Iberostar Tenerife is a good team, with a very deep roster and they deserved to win it. On the other side, Barca is a very oscillating team and it looks like they won only the games they actually need. After 1-0, they relax, losing the second game because they don’t need the victory and then, they win without problems the last encounter of the series.

Image credit: EuroLeague

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