Betting live Olimpia Milano – Bayern Munich

Betting the first game of a series is always complicated because there will be surprises. The odds on favourite are extremely low and it doesn’t worth it. The best case is Olimpia Milano – Bayern Munich played yesterday in the Euroleague playoffs.

The Italian team was seen as the clear winner by many but I didn’t place money on them pre-game. At halftime, the difference was too big to be real, so some options have opened to my mind. The first of them was that obviously, Olimpia Milano will try to force immediately the comeback at the beginning of the 3rd quarter.

I bet a small amount on Milano first to reach 10 and 20 points scored in this period. The margin was too big and if Milano wanted to have a chance they had to start scoring. Till halftime, they were absolutely pathetic. Only 27 points scored in 2 quarters. The offensive side had to be improved no matter what in order to come back. And Olimpia Milano has many offensive weapons.

I didn’t choose Milano to win the game and I think they did it with luck, but I was sure that things won’t continue that way after the break. The margin had to be cut with the hosts doing anything possible to shut down Bayern. Of course, the injury of Nick Weiler-Babb reduced also the good momentum of the German squad.

Anyway, an impressive game made by Bayern Munich, that is showing great collective effort and determination.

Image: EuroLeague

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