Brose Bamberg should win today vs. Zaragoza

Today, the German powerhouse will receive the visit of Zaragoza in a crucial game for the hist team. They already lost in Spain and another loss today would complicate a lot the situation in this tough group with CEZ Nymburk in great shape and with Dinamo Sassari that still has some chances to reach out.

For Brose Bamberg, the time to win has come. In the previous group phase, they were simply amazing but then things changed due to important absences. My reasons to bet on the German squad against Zaragoza are:

  • The initial odd was simply unrealistic, Brose Bamberg having 2.50 on some bookies, which the betting market corrected instantly. The odd dropped a lot because all the smart bettors took Brose Bamberg.
  • The Spanish team has 2-0 while Brose is 0-2 so the motivation level is very different. Zaragoza is a good team but I saw them playing sometimes with a lack of interest, having difficult games against underdog teams. Brose cannot afford now te luxury of losing another game. 
  • Brose Bamberg has recovered all their injured players, so now the rotation is one of the largest in the Basketball Champions League, including 10 decent players. The missing guys were actually the only real problem for Brose Bamberg and now it’s solved. I saw them as a team able to qualify from this group, instead of the bad start.

Image: Basketball Champions League

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