Why I trusted Strasbourg to win vs. AEK Athens?

Last week I was sure that SIG Strasbourg had a chance at AEK Athens because the French team needed so bad to start winning in this complicated group. The Greek team had some important absentees, so it was not impossible to win for the visitors. But, surprise, at the game time, the main scorer of SIG Strasbourg, Bonzie Colson didn’t enter the court at all. He was on the players list for that game but he didn’t play. It was a very important missing that affected the team and even if they led the game in Athens they couldn’t control the end of it.

Yesterday, the situation was different. This time SIG Strasbourg hosted AEK Athens and they had Bonzie Colson back. That’s why we hit when the odd was higher, at 1.86 on the French team. Then the odd dropped to 1.60 and even smaller 1.52 at the game time.

AEK is a brave team but they have some injuries and players recovering from injuries like Jonas Maculis. And they are not invincible. For Strasbourg this encounter was crucial and they won it in the end with a big margin. A margin that in a case of a tie will favour Strasbourg to advance. If the French team would have lost also this game they would have been almost eliminated from this stage. That’s why their motivation was huge. 

Image: Basketball Champions League

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