Combining pre-match and live odds: Galatasaray – Tenerife as example

Two days ago on my Telegram channel, I recommended people to bet on Galatasaray at odd 3.15 on bet365 against Tenerife and as well to take over 75.5 points on the Turkish squad at 1.52. The Turkish team needed desperately to win, while Iberostar had some important absences and a good position in the group ranking.

So let’s make an exercise: let’s suppose that you place 1000 euros on Galatasaray at 3.15. This means you will potentially make 3150 euros. The game was balances but Galatasaray was leading since the beginning so you could make good cash out.

In the 3rd quarter, Galatasaray had 68-58 and the win was closer than ever. What do you do at that moment? Jumping in your flat thrilled by the idea of making a huge amount of money? Or you assure your bet on Galatasaray, placing some money on the opponents too? The odd on Iberostar Tenerife was at that moment 3.50. Definitely, you should take it. Place 1000 as well on Tenerife and then watch the game relaxed, with no pressure of winning. You already won. Because you placed 1000 at 3.15 on Galatasaray and 1000 at 3.50 on Iberostar Tenerife. So, from 2000 invested you well make in the worst scenario 3150 or in the best case 3500 euros. Plus 520 euros from your bet on Galatasaray over 75.5 points scored. Pretty decent for a single game.

You don’t trust Galatasaray to win. They fight for the win, the circumstances are good to win, but Tenerife is a great team, they can come back quickly in the game. Last night they had 36-10 run, destroying Galatasaray.

Don’t trust teams, trust high odds.

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