Dinamo Sassari or Bakken Bears for the next stage of BasketballCL?

Even if they won’t play against each other in the last round, Bakken Bears and Dinamo Sassari are fighting for the last spot of the group in order to qualify for the next stage of the Basketball Champions League.

At a first look, the things are quite simple: Bakken Bears is eliminated if Dinamo Sassari will win in Istanbul at Galatasaray or if Sassari will lose but as well the Bears will lose at home against Iberostar Tenerife.

Both games are depending on the motivations of the other 2 teams involved: Iberostar Tenerife already qualified from the 1st spot of the group and Galatasaray Odeabank with no chance to advance. Normally, both Iberostar Tenerife and Galatasaray don’t have to fight desperately to win this last game of the group. Anyway, Galatasaray is ay home so for them could be a question of dignity to try to defend their home-court and to try to grab the last win, especially because they had a disastrous campaign in Basketball Champions League this season.

On the other side, the Spanish team has nothing to prove in Denmark, in front of a squad that will do anything to win reaching the next level of the competition. It is a long travel for Iberostar Tenerife and they could rest some players too. Let’s see who will have more inspiration, will and energy at the game-time.

Image: Basketball Champions League

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