Even if Fortitudo will lose at Brescia, coach Sachetti should stay with the team

Today, an interesting clash will take place in Italy. Two desperate clubs are fighting to avoid the last places on the rankings. Both squads started the season with high hopes and they are as well representing Italy in European competitions. But then things went wrong for Germani Brescia and Fortitudo Bologna. The hosts have 2 victories in 9 games played, while Sachetti’s squad had only 1 win in Legabasket this season.

Brescia fired coach Esposito, bringing in Maurizio Buscaglia and there are voices claiming that the seat of coach Sachetti is hot. But I don’t think that this game has to be an argument for his staying with the team for the next months.

Fortitudo had a lot of bad luck, many injured players combined with Covid cases took away any opportunity for the team to win games. In many encounters, Fortitudo had only 3-4 experienced players and some kids coming from the bench. Which coach could do miracles with that roster? They could lose as well this game at Brescia. And what? It’s just a game. I am convinced that Fortitudo will come back strong winning many times in the next encounters because:

  • The absent players are back and the team has now a better rotation since adding Wesley Saunders and Marco Cusin
  • Fortitudo will meet mostly average teams in December and January
  • They are building chemistry now that will show the highest results in February-March. All they need is patience and good things will come.

Maybe they should add another Italian player like Luca Vitali and then their rotation will be perfect. I trust coach Sachetti to do a good job in the next months.

Image: Basketball Champions League

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