How important was the absence of the Italian players for Venezia vs. Bourg?

The importance of home-grown players is huge in European basketball. The clubs that understand that are building not only strong teams in the present but as well a sustainable future. One of the best examples is Reyer Umana Venezia, who every season is trying to give as many minutes as possible to the Italian players. This is a very good thing, especially now when basketball in Europe is suffocated by cheap mercenaries.

Yesterday almost all the Italians were missing for Venezia with Covid or due to injuries. Stefano Tonut, Valerio Mazzola, Andrea De Nicolao and Bruno Cerella were out against the French team of Bourg.

All the foreigners were there. Umana Venezia had 6 foreigners plus the young Davide Casarin, Lorenzo D’Ercole and other teenagers in the roster. But this is not enough in the modern basketball where the rotation, as large as possible, is the key. The visitors demolished Venezia by almost 30 points margin and this proves once again the importance of the Italian players. Their absence led Venezia to this tragical result.

This could be a lesson for many clubs in Europe that they have to grow local players because their role is essential in the game. This has to be a the top priority for the European basketball. Venezia, Fortitudo, Virtus, Brescia are the right examples that are trusting and investing in home-grown players. This is the right path.

Image: Eurocup

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