Odds dropped on Bahcesehir vs. Galatasaray from 2.60 to 1.45

This is the best thing to do in betting, not exactly picking winners, but finding dropping odds. A couple of days ago I recommended on my Telegram channel to bet on Bahcesehir against Galatasaray in the Turkish league. The main reason? Odds were simply too high: 2.60 at home on Bahcesehirn seemed to me as a joke. The team has one of the deepest rotation in Europe, with many experienced bench players. They recently lost Alex Perez but in his place came Shannon Evans who had a monster season so far in France averaging almost 22 points and 8.4 assists per game.

Then Bahcesehir signed as well Thomas Robinson with Euroleague and Chinese league experience. This is proof that the club has money and they want results.

On the other side, Galatasaray is not a great team this season and they had as well some injuries. Baris Ermis didn’t play last games and their rotation cannot be compared with Bahcesehir’s one.

Of course, Galatasaray has a chance today. Why not? Anything is possible. But the initial odds were totally wrong. Bahcesehir dropped from 2.60 to 1.45 and this is the reality. Money was made already! Because now you can opt for cash-out on Bahcesehir or bet on Galatasaray to cover your initial bet on Bahcesehir. Or to wait till the game-time to see the rosters, maybe Galatasaray have more missing players than we know.

Image: Bahcesehir Twitter

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