Explaining PAO and Alba Berlin victories in the Euroleague

2 days ago a friend of mine was very excited about taking some small handicaps on Olimpia Milano vs. Panathinaikos. The odd on winning was too small on the Italian side, so he thought that he should take -4.5 and -5.5 on them. It seemed a decent take till the halftime when Olimpia Milano led by 12 points margin. But then everything turned around and the Greeks stole a narrow win.

In other game of the round, Valencia Basket was considered a big favourite in front of Alba Berlin, but they eventually lost.

Wake up, guys! This is Euroleague! A very tied level where every team can beat any others. If Olimpia Milano plays 10 times with Panathinaikos maybe they win 7. The same thing with Valencia Basket against Alba Berlin. But not today! Because each game is different, the motivation, the physical and psychological levels are not the same each day. Even the worst underdog can have a fantastic day. But, hey, PAO and Alba Berlin are not bad teams. Alright, they are not title contender in Euroleague this season, but decent games they could do and they will.

Another lesson you could learn is that losing normal rounds is not the end of the world. It was not a game 5 of the playoffs, not a semifinal of a final of the Euroleague. Normal rounds can be won by anybody. If you want to bet, cut the idea of betting on the favourites on small odds.

Image: EuroLeague

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