FC Barcelona – huge mistakes in the last minutes vs. Maccabi Tel Aviv

Last minutes of the game between FC Barcelona and Maccabi Tel Aviv was the most unlucky moment for the Catalan team. I didn’t expect an easy win for FC Barcelona because Maccabi has back all their injured players and they are a brave team with good offensive skills, while the hosts were missing Brandon Davies and parted ways with Thomas Huertel.

In these circumstances, the encounter should be very balanced and Maccabi had a good chance to win. No problem with that! But to have the game in your hands and then to commit only mistakes in the last minutes this cannot be accepted.

Let’s review all Barca’s errors in the last minutes of the game:

– at 67-63, with 2 minutes and 55 seconds remaining, Nikola Mirotic is missing both free-throws

– Nick Calathes and Kyle Kuric were shooting desperately 2 times each from the arc with 0 results when Barca didn’t need any three-pointer

– Roland Smits gets blocked one time and later he made a stupid unnecessary foul on Scottie Wilbekin and also another turnover

– Barca allowed Angelo Caloiaro an offensive rebound with 20 seconds remaining and from that play Maccabi took the lead with 68-67

– the last attack of Barca, 13 seconds and the only solution found is another desperate three-pointer, missed by Cory Higgings when actually Barca didn’t need that shot. The Catalans needed a good play under the basket or to provoke Maccabi to make a foul to try at least to tie the game. How to choose a shot from the arc when is only 1 point difference and 13 seconds remaining???

Image: EuroLeague

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