Gran Canaria should win against AS Monaco

Tonight Gran Canaria will be in front of another crucial game. They survived every time, beating Andorra, Mornar Bar, Unics Kazan and they are here in the semifinals of the Eurocup where they can book the tickets for the Euroleague. If they reach the finals, they will qualify for the most important European competition for the next season.

This game has huge importance and I think Gran Canaria can win it (and then, why not win the next one in Monaco). My reasons are:

Gran Canaria played a good game 1 in Monaco, excepting the 2nd quarter when the host team destroyed them. Today, at home, Gran Canaria could avoid this situation by taking the lead from the beginning. The encounter is balanced, but Gran Canaria has today the home-court advantage.

AS Monaco won already so the necessity to win again today is not so high as for Gran Canaria, which will be eliminated if they will lose again.

The winner of this series will qualify in the Euroleague (as a finalist of the Eurocup) and that’s why I think Gran Canaria has a bigger chance. You cannot play Euroleague games in Monaco’s basketball arena which can host only 2500 people.

If Zenit Sankt-Petersburg will win both remaining games, Valencia Basket won’t participate in the next Euroleague campaign, so a team from Spain will be more than welcome. The Russian team will play only Monday their last game of the season against PAO. So till that moment is better for everybody to have a tied series Gran Canaria – AS Monaco.

Image: Eurocup

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