Gran Canaria’s odds at Manresa were totally wrong

A couple of days ago I saw the odd 2.60 on Gran Canaria at Baxi Manresa and it seemed a bit higher than normal. So I took it. Then, I saw Unibet gave Gran Canaria 3.35. Whaaaaat? I took that odd immediately because was exactly what I am looking for: unreal odds, too high for the probability of a win.

Gran Canaria had an excellent month, they rebuild the team, bringing in A. J. Slaughter, Oliver Stevic and having back Javier Beiran which I consider a key-player for the chemistry of the team. Recently they signed two more top players: the ace-scorer Sean Kilpatrick and the strong center Earl Clark.

Now, this squad can beat anybody. Giving them the odd 3.35 was a huge mistake made by Unibet bookies. Even the odd 2.60 was too big. The opponents Baxi Manresa are a decent team, with an excellent coach but they are not a scary squad. I see Gran Canaria as the favourite of the game if all the players will be available.

Another huge argument to sustain my initial bet on Gran Canaria came today: Baxi Manresa has now a covid case, isolated at home, they didn’t train since Wednesday and probably more cases will appear till the game time. In these circumstances, 3.35 on Gran Canaria is pure gold. Now is around 2.25 and I think it can drop more till tomorrow.

Image: Eurocup

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