Historical comeback of the Clippers

As we all saw in the last night of action, Los Angeles Clippers made a bit of playoff history by coming back from a 31-point deficit. They set the record for the biggest postseason comeback in NBA history. Also, Lou Williams and Montrezl Harrell became the first teammates to come of the bench and record a 25-point double-double in a postseason game, per Crazy Stats. Lou had 36 points and 11 assists while Harrell posted 25 points and 10 rebounds. It was a crazy night in the Oracle, as nobody expected the Clippers to be able to take a game from this series, not to even mention a comeback from 31-points.

The problem with the Warriors was that they saw themselves with the dub after only two and a half quarters, as they took the foot off the pedal, a thing that they’ve done quite a few times back in the past after having a huge lead. The deciding factor was once again the bench for the Clippers, a factor that kind of took them to where they are now during the regular season. This is the weapon which helped them win games even after the departure of Tobias Harris and Boban Marianovic, when nobody gave them any chances to get in the playoffs anymore.

Doc Rivers is a tremendous coach, and if you’re asking yourself why, well, because he chose to use two of his best players on the roster to come off the bench. And it’s not like the Clippers had one of the best starting five in the West, not at all, but they are having a back-to-back Sixth Man of the Year award winner in Lou Will and a Most Improve Player award candidate in Montrezl Harrell, who became a beast in the paint this season, coming with the second unit. This helps a lot, because not many teams have that power in their second squad, so this is a factor that Rivers has been exploiting throughout the whole season. Moreover, it seems like the Warriors have nightmares with the 31 number, as they always made history with them.

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