One of the most balanced playoffs is about to begin in Legabasket

Italian basketball had a good year. Many teams involved in European competitions, while Armani Milano and Virtus Bologna had reached the semifinals in Euroleague and Eurocup. Today the playoff in Legabasket will start and it seems to be one of the most exciting and balanced in the last years.

Actually, the level is very tied between the teams. Olimpia Milano has a better roster, a deeper rotation and probably they will win the title. But the battle for second place is open to almost any team. With a bit of luck, Trieste can make it difficult for Brindisi and Treviso is more dangerous than you think, so Virtus Bologna should focus more.

Another tied series will take place between Umana Venezia and Dinamo Sassari, both teams very offensive and hard to defend.

The odds on favourites are very small, as usual, that’s why I think a pre-game bet means nonsense. We have to wait for something at live or even better for game 2. It is possible that some underdog to surprise the favourite in game 1 and then everything will change in the favour of bettors. I will give you the right example. In the Italian finals 2017, Trento won the first game of the series in Venezia. But in my opinion, they still continued to be the underdog of that series, even if they have stolen the home-court advantage. We speak about Trento that eliminated in the semifinals Olimpia Milano, the main title contender as always.

Before game 1 of the finals, Umana Venezia had the odd 1.70 to win the trophy, while Dolomiti Energia Trento had 2.10. After Trento won the first game of the finals, odds reversed, with Venezia having 2.10 to win the gold medals. That moment was precious if you wanted to bet because Umana Venezia had a better roster. In the next 5 games, they won 4, while Trento had only one more victory at home. The result of the whole series: 4-2 for Venezia.

With this example in mind, I advise you to wait for game 2 of the Italian playoffs.

Image: Basketball Champions League

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