Steph Curry is the greatest shooter ever

Along time, the NBA has gone through a lot of different phases and every period came with its prejudices. When Steph Curry entered the league he was considered to be just a good shooter and nothing else. His size wasn’t so great for the NBA and Curry was not seen as a defender. But the Golden State Warriors trusted him so they chose Curry with their 7th pick in the 2009 NBA Draft.

Fast-forward 10 years, Steph Curry is three-time NBA Champion and two-time NBA MVP. More than that he developed into an amazing basketball player who doesn’t only shoot threes, but also gets inside the paint, passes and defends. And if you think that these are Steph’s greatest qualities you should observe him as a human being. He is a very humble and down-to-earth person, always eager to help his teammates and this is what makes him a great leader.

But, if we return to his three-point shooting ability, Steph Curry recently became the 3rd player on the all-time three-point shooting list. Seven days ago, in a game against Chicago Bulls, the Charlotte native managed to score 5 three-point shots which enabled him to pass Jason Terry on the all-time list. At the moment, Steph Curry has 2313 three-pointers in 659 games. To put this into perspective, the first two players on the list are Ray Allen and Reggie Miller. Allen has 2973 three-point shots made in 1300 games, while Miller has 2560 three-pointers in 1389 games. This means that when Steph Curry will pass those two players, he will do that while playing 600-700 fewer games.

It is interesting to see how many made three-pointers will Steph Curry have at the end of his career. Anyways, even his teammate, Klay Thompson, who is one of the greatest shooters of all-time himself, knows that it is impossible to pass Curry. A few days ago he said that it would be a great honor for him to be in a high position on the all-time list when he retires and that he wishes for the 2nd place. Another crazy stat about Steph Curry’ shooting discovered on Reddit is that if he misses his next 1000 attempts he would still have a better percentage than James Harden’s. This is amazing because Harden is one of the greatest offensive players in the league.

For me, this makes Steph Curry the greatest shooter of all-time. His ability makes him so hard to be defended because he can genuinely shoot from everywhere in the attacking half. He definitely changed the game because now everybody, even the big centers, is practicing three-point shots. So, these being said, there is no doubt that Steph Curry has his place in the history of the NBA.

David Istrate,

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