The best 5 scorers ready for BasketballCL Final 4

The Basketball Champions League Final 4 is at the gates and it will be a very balanced battle for the trophy. Let’s review now the best 5 scorers who will fight till the end in search of the ultimate glory:

5. Jae’Sean Tate (Antwerp)‎ was one of the main players for the Belgian team on the road to reach this historical Final 4. He averages 11.9 points in all 18 games played so far this season.

4. Paris Lee, another American from Antwerp will try to help his team to get the title. He has 13.7 points per game and he, as well, was on the court on every encounter of the season for Antwerp.

3. Augustine Rubit is one of the most solid pillars of Bamberg in the last 2 seasons and his stats are also impressive. He scored 14.1 points per game in 17 encounters this season.

2. On this spot, we have the best scorer all-time of the competition. The American of Virtus Bologna, Kevin Punter is averaging 15.1 points in Basketball Champions League this year in 18 games. Will he win the second trophy after the one who has it with AEK Athens the year before?

1. Maybe the most experienced player in BCL, Tyrese Rice was clutch many times on the road to the Final 4 for the German powerhouse, Brose Bamberg. He averages 16.6 points scored in 17 games, having great chances to be named the MVP of the final tournament.

As you see, only Iberostar Tenerife has no scorer in TOP 5. The Spaniards have a homogeneous team, without individualities and selfish shots, where each player is contributing in an equal way for the team’s success.

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