The best team of the week: Panathinaikos

The best team of the week is not Fenerbahce helped by the refs to beat Real Madrid. It’s not Barcelona with strong come back in the second half against Anadolu Efes. Not even Avellino with a 2 wins in a row in Italy, despite their missing many players. Not Trento or Sassari even they had a very good week, winning both games and hoping now to qualify to the Italian Cup.

All the teams above had spectacular games the last days of the 2018 but, the best of this week are the Greens resurrected by the presence of the Hall of Fame coach Rick Pitino. They destroyed CSKA in Athens (96-84) and then away Promitheas with a strong second half (86-69). I hope this change of attitude of the Greek team will last for the next games too!

Ovidiu Farcas,

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