There were no Italians in the starting five for Pistoia-Torino

There were no Italians in the starting five for PistoiaTorino

It’s a hilarious situation in Italian basketball. The local players are almost out from their own championship. The game between Pistoia and Auxilium Torino was the best example: no Italian entered the court in the starting five for any of the teams. There were 5 foreigners against other 5 in the battle of some of the worst squads in Legabasket.

During the game, the contribution of the Italian players was poor as well. For the host team, Riccardo Bolpin and Lorenzo Querci scored each one a 3 pointer and Andrea Crosariol added another 2 points. The Italians from Torino scored even fewer points. The only one who did it was Peppe Poeta with 7 points. The 2 Marcos (Cusin and Portannese) were not so lucky and they finished scoreless the encounter.

This is the direct result of the wrong way of Italian basketball. No investments in juniors, no space in the senior teams for local players, too many foreigners, 90% of them mercenaries in search of stats and money. This way only goes to the catastrophic present and an even worse future. Many voices have raised already against this stupid idea of 6 foreigners per team, which sink the Italian young talents. The Italian federation have to care more about Italian players! It is ridiculous that there is no real Italian candidate for the MVP of the round, only foreigner players like in this photo embedded from Facebook:



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