This break will bring important changes for many European clubs

These days the majority of the leagues in Europe are taking a break because many players will be involved in the FIBA window of the Eurobasket qualifiers. This moment could be a turning point for many clubs in Europe because:

  • Some of them will kick off weak players and coaches and sign instead valuable people in order to reach their goals for the season. There are a couple of teams that started the season with high hopes and then because of bad circumstances like injuries, Covid cases and so on, failed to fill those promises. Now they have time to recover, to rest, to practice, to change things, to build chemistry etc.
  • Other clubs will be very affected because many of their players went to different national teams and they stopped practising together with their teammates. Some players travelled a lot to play for their country and they will be back tired without a doubt.
  • Then there are the teams that hit already the bottom and they will try to win anything. December is always the month when some underdogs are bouncing back stronger to defeat clear favourites. 
  • Some of the clubs didn’t invest all their money in summer, waiting to see how the whole situation will look like and now they can make some hits on the market, bringing in amazing players.

Keep in mind that with some proper adjustments, some squads will look totally different on the court. Signing the right player/players in this break could change a lot the face of the team.

Image: Basketball Champions League

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