Tony Taylor plus Virtus’ bench had together negative index rate

The strong defeat (87-70) suffered by Virtus Bologna on Vanoli Cremona’s court had its own reasons. The main difference was between the bench players’ efficiency of the 2 teams. Let’s mention first that Virtus Bologna used 6 bench players and Cremona had just 3.

The short rotation of Cremona seemed to be more productive, instead. Their 3 bench players scored 27 points, having 21 index rate. In the same time, Bologna bench players scored just 8 points, having a negative PIR: -3! And if you add here the fact that starter guard for Virtus, Tony Taylor had zero efficiency, then the image of the disaster is more complete. You have 7 players of the visitors’ squad that produced all together a negative index rate. Their contribution was not even zero, but less than zero. How could or would you win in this situation? Having only 4 players who enter the court with lucidity? It’s not possible. Even Cantu has 5 good players!

Gratian Cormos,

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