U-Banca Transilvania in front of a crucial game against Sodertalje Kings

The Romanian team is one of the rising powers this season in Fiba Europe Cup. They have a high level of the roster and the experience of the coach Dusko Vujosevic, both factors able to take them to the superior stages of the competition. Since September, before even the competitions have started I predict them to be a true title contender in the European campaign. That means that I trusted them together with Pinar Karsiaka, Enisey Krasnoyarsk and Bahcesehir Koleji to reach out from the groups and to have a long run in Fiba Europe Cup.

Today, U-Banca Transilvania is in front of a big test which can have a decisive influence for the future of this season. They have to seal the victory against the visitors from Sweden and it looks to be easy enough. But let’s not forget that the Romanian team lead there, in the first round with many points and then the final deficit was cut to only 6.  And now, Sodertalje Kings has a new and very effective weapon, who wasn’t used in the first meeting: Anton Gaddefors, a Swedish international player with a lot of experience. His numbers confirm his value. In the last round won by 10 points against Balkan Botevgrad, Gaddefors was their best scorer with 19 points and the most efficient guy on the court, having 20 index rate.

Anyway, I think U-Banca Transilvania playing very concentrated and organized can win easily today beneficiating as well from the support of their fans. The only weakness that is affecting them every single game is the lack of constancy of the bench. The Romanian team plays very differently with their starting 5 on the court than with the replacing players. I expect today a win for the host team by at least around 10 points, even they don’t need a big margin because they have won already the first encounter. So, only the victory would be enough.

Photo: Fiba Europe Cup

Gratian Cormos