Why I bet live on BCM Pitesti at CSU Sibiu?

Yesterday, I recommended to the subscribers of my Premium Telegram Channel to bet live on BCM U FC Pitesti against CSU Sibiu, in the playoffs of the Romanian Basketball League. It was at the beginning of the 4th quarter and the odd depending on the bookie was between 1.66 and 1.75. I was watching the entire game and then suddenly I decided to choose BCM Pitesti because:

  • They looked like a more coherent team on the court, using a bit better every possession than CSU Sibiu. The FIBA Europe Cup participant, Sibiu is a very good team too but their game is oscillating. They could play very well but also mediocre, depending on the day. 
  • Actually, the visiting team had a very good rotation and it was a real derby, where everybody could win. They have a couple of experienced foreigners, good young home-grown players like Mihai Maciuca, Tudor Gheorghe, Rares Uta and a clever coach. 
  • Watching the first 3 quarters of the game I realized that BCM Pitesti was shooting better from the arc and had also a better percentage from the free-throw line. They had a consistent lead at the beginning of the last stanza, 8 points advantage and I trust them to maintain a winning margin till the end. Their focus in this battle was better than CSU Sibiu’s one and this was the main factor of the victory. 

Image: FIBA Europe Cup

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