Why I trust Lublin +29.5 live handicap vs. Falco?

2 days ago I recommended on my private Telegram channel for betting tips to take the live handicap +29.5 on Start Lublin. The Polish team was facing home the Hungarians from Falco Szombathely, a brave team that still have chances to advance to the next stage of the Basketball Champions League.

At the halftime, Falco was leading with an enormous difference: 46-18. It was the poorest game that I saw in years made in any European competitions by a home-team. 18 points scored in 2 quarters! Surrealistic. But I trust this Polish “Dream-Team” to cut a bit the deficit in the second half. Why?

Falco had no interest to win with a bigger margin. They already stole the win and they won also the first round in Hungary so extending the gap was no realistic. Falco had now to conserve the lead and protect players from injuries, resting them for the next games.

Kyan Anderson didn’t play at all till the halftime, so it was very likely for him to rest on the bench the whole game, which made the rotation shorter for Falco. In the same time, Benke Szilard had already 3 fouls and this helped also the opponents. In the second part of the game, Falco had to use also the young and inexperienced players at least in the last minutes of the game.

Lublin was playing at home and even without fans, this thing helps a bit, creating a small advantage. My idea was not that Lublin will make a strong comeback, but to cut a bit the huge margin. In the end, they lost with “only” 24 points and the bet was successful.

Image: Basketball Champions League

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