Why Sassari’s Italians played impressively?

When we discuss about how many foreigners a team must have in the domestic league, this game between Sassari and Donar Groningen can be the best example for Bogdan Tanjevic theory. The legendary coach had many statements against the huge presence of useless American players in Legabasket. This massive presence of the foreigners is suffocating the young local talents!

Yesterday, we saw the best argument to support this theory. The Italians of Dinamo Sassari erupted and scored together 47 points against the visitors from Donar Groningen. Why this performance of the local players had happened? Because at this moment due to injuries Sassari has just 4 foreigners, not 6 or 7 like other teams. So, the Italians saw more minutes on the court, that’s why they played much better. Marco Spissu and Stefano Gentile scored 13 points, Achille Polonara – 10, Ousmane Diop – 8 and Giacomo Devecchi – 3.

The strong limitation of the number of the foreigners is necessary everywhere in Europe. When we have fewer (and just quality ones) foreigners on a team, the local players can develop their great potential reaching the highest level of basketball. If not, they will stay in the shadow, with a few minutes per game, which is the best receipt for failure!

Gratian Cormos, info@brainbasketball.net

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