Will Boston Celtics go to 0-3?

One of the most important NBA franchises, Boston Celtics is in danger to be eliminated soon if they can’t change their game. Each game of the series the are the favourite with an odd around 1,70 and then Miami Heat won unexpectedly.

Both encounters, Boston Celtics had a comfortable lead and they couldn’t manage the end of the game. What will happen in game 3? Will this battle have the same result with Miami Heat stealing another win? Hard to believe.

There is no doubt that Miami Heat is an excellent team and they have now the biggest chances to make it to the NBA Finals. But Boston should play their opportunities and show us a better basketball. They have the potential for that and they were almost there, having both previous games in their hands. Maybe some of the players are still too young for this stage of the competition, there are also some internal conflicts, but the squad have to focus now 200% on the next game, like it would be the last of the season. And in a way, it is “the last”. Because coming back from 0-3 it will be almost impossible. So, the moment of resurrection for the Greens has come.

An elimination with 0-4 or 1-4 would be a huge blow and it is unthinkable for many reasons: Boston is not a bad team at all, the Conference Finals cannot be so short, more money will be made by the sponsors if the series will be extended to more games, the fans will enjoy more etcetera.

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Image: Heat Nation