With Mirotic back in shape FC Barcelona should win against Real Madrid

Another chapter from el Classico will take place today in Barcelona, attracting the attention of the fans all over the world. As always it will be a tough battle, but I think Barca starts with the first chance this encounter. Let’s see why:
  • The main point is the comeback of Nikola Mirotic. He came back after Coronavirus and start to train with the team, but it’s not sure that he will play. His presence is very important for the whole squad not only because he can do amazing things on the court, but also he is helping the teammates boosting their self-confidence.
  • Real Madrid is having some important missings and this can cost a lot. Their sharpshooter Jaycee Carroll remained in Madrid and as well Fabien Causeur will be sidelined with Covid-19. Felipe Reyes didn’t play in the last games and anyway let’s not forget that he is too old. Rudy Fernandez didn’t impress much in the recent appearances, so Real Madrid is playing the card of the young talents like Abalde, Garuba and Alocen. They are very motivated but I don’t think they have enough experience in such a derby.
  • Actually, the only absence for FC Barcelona will be Victor Claver, which gives the Catalans almost a full roster. Their only problem should be under the basket where they need to add another strong center to make the rotation of the big men even deeper. Last game against Guipuzkoa Artem Pustovyi scored 15 points in 16 minutes and maybe he could do a decent game as well today. 

Image: Euroleague

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