Baskonia – ridiculous in the 4th quarter against CSKA

Baskonia – ridiculous in the 4th quarter against CSKA

Yesterday night it happened exactly what I told you from the beginning of the season. Baskonia was the entire season an average team, with a mediocre roster and high fluctuations in shape. This club was helped by Real Madrid to enter the Euroleague playoffs but it didn’t help much. Even if they won a game in Moscow, the Basque powerhouse couldn’t stand against CSKA till the end of the playoff series.

It had to be easy: protect your homecourt or win at least a game, but it was not possible with these players. Of course, the long term injuries of Jayson Granger and Toko Shengelia (returned to action but not in his shape) and the absence of Matt Janning were part of the defeat.

And even so, Baskonia led the first half of the game, but then slowly melting like ice-cream in the second part, which exactly the momentum when weak teams are smashed. Entering the 4th quarter in advantage, gave Baskonia the last chance to win, Instead of that, the Spaniards had almost 8 minutes without scoring in the last stanza.

From 76-72 it became 76-87 and the encounter was done. The Baskonia’s players combined for the most ridiculous 8 minutes of basketball with all the ingredients: turnovers, lack of inspiration attacking the rim, no defense etc. proving that this squad was not better than other teams from outside the playoff.

This season Baskonia wasted an enormous chance to be in the Final 4 they are organizing in May. But with this low-cost roster, they couldn’t do miracles. Cheap won’t last long!

Gratian Cormos,

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