Khimki is sinking without Shved

As I wrote before this week, changing the coach didn’t work for Khimki Moscow. Because with this roster, no coach can do miracles. It can be Bartzokas, Kurtinaitis, Itoudis or Morgan Freeman. Almost the same results.

The Russian squad is missing Alexey Shved, the best player in Europe (25.3), injured a couple of months ago and Anthony Gill. The team was created to had in Shved the main player. His absence generated a power vacuum. His stats simply cannot be supplied by selfish, chaotic and mediocre Americans.

At this moment Khimki is not able to score more than 60 points at home against a brave, but an average team like Bayern Munich. And this is neither coach fault nor the players’ fault. Simply, the roster of the Russian powerhouse is one of the best for Eurocup level, but I don’t guarantee that with these players they can enter the Finals of the 2nd competition. So, what do you expect from them? To beat any team in Euroleague?

Gratian Cormos,

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