Milos Teodosic has to comeback to Euroleague

Milos Teodosic has to comeback to EuroleagueI saw many speculations about Milos Teodosic returning to Europe, mostly generated by the statements that the player made himself. I understand exactly why he went to the NBA: not for the money (because CSKA has offered him the biggest contract in the European basketball – 12 million for 3 years), but to see how is there, to have a different experience.

This season, the 2nd with the Los Angeles Clippers is not so what Teodosic expected: his presence on the court dropped from 25,2 minutes per game to 9,9 minutes. That’s why his stats are worse than last season: just 3,2 points per game instead of 9,5 and 2,1 assists per game instead of 4,6!

But there is another huge reason for the Teodosic comeback to Europe: he has the best chances to become in 3 years by now the Euroleague KING scorer, dethroning Juan Carlos Navarro, who has 4152 points. At 30 years old, when he left Euroleague for the NBA, Milos Teodosic was no.3 on the all-time scoring list of the biggest European competition with 2807 point. And with the new format of the Euroleague and the expansion planned for the next years, which will offer much more games, it will be much easier for him!

Now, in his absence, veterans Felipe Reyes from Real Madrid and Paulius JAnkunas from Zalgiris Kaunas overcame him in the TOP5 all-time! But Teodosic is still young, and all the other players in front of him are retired like Navarro or will retire soon: Spanoulis, Reyes and Jankunas.

I think is worth more to be the Euroleague all-time scorer than a bench player in the NBA!

Graţian Cormoş,

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