Top 10 scorers inside the arc in Basketball Champions League

If we saw earlier the best 3 points shooters in Basketball Champions League, now we will review the best scorers inside the arc of the regular season.

  1. TaShawn Thomas (Hapoel Jerusalem) – after being suspended the first games, he proved to be an excellent player inside the arc. He has 54/74 for 73%
  2. Richard Hendrix (Le Mans)  – the veteran is always on top on this category with 63/91 for 69.2%
  3. Vince Hunter (Aek Athens) – is still dominant in the paint, the same as last year. He has the most 2 points shots scored so far this season: 102/149 for 68.5%
  4. Amar’e Stoudemire (Hapoel Jerusalem) – after being criticized at the beginning of the season for low scoring, he is back in shape and more motivated than ever. He scored 61 from 90 for 67.8%
  5. Charles Jackson (Bonn) – even if he played just 7 games in the competition, he showed real talent in the paint. He has 41/61 for 67.2
  6. Augustine Rubit (Brose Bamberg) – is following Jackson with almost the same percentage: 67.1. He has 55 from 82 inside the arc.
  7. Hassan Martin (Bayreuth) – he is coming from another German team with high numbers: 40/61 for 65.6%
  8. Vladimir Dragicevic – his move to Nizhny Novgorod was inspired for both sides, as he is still one of the most prolific centers in BCL with 49/75 for 65.3%
  9. Ali Traore (Strasbourg) – another veteran in the Top 10 with shiny stats: 69/107 for 64.5%
  10. Brian Qvale (Virtus Bologna) – despite his injuries, he scored 51 from 81 for 63% inside the arc.

Gratian Cormos,

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