Weekly top 5 of shame (10-16 December)

Starting from now, we will give the awards for the teams who had the worst performances last week in the European basketball.


They could qualify to the Eurocup TOP16 but they lost the concentration in the last minutes of the home game against Limoges. Tofas blew the lead at the end of the 3rd quarter and then again in the 4th quarter. Now, just a miracle in the last round of the Eurocup can help them to qualify.


They lost both games last week: first at home in Basketball Champions League vs. Bayreuth with 74-90 and then in Turkish league on the court of newly promoted Bahcesehir with 83-57!


With a full squad and a lot of American stars, Torino disappointed 2 times this week. First, they lost at home against Lietuvos Rytas in Eurocup (here the referees helped a lot the Lithuanian team, so there could be an excuse for Torino).

The second game, Torino lost again at Varese with 60-77, playing an awful ofense and defense against a decent team who don’t have any special players. With this roster, Torino had to win easily with 15 points margin!


Losing both games of the week is nothing special for Barcelona, because they compete on the highest leagues on Europe, where all the teams of tough.

There is not such a big deal losing to Real Madrid and then to Malaga, both games on the road, in Euroleague and ACB. But the huge difference in the Euroleague derby 65-92 lost to the reigning champions and the attitude of Barcelona players who act like shameless sheep, is the main problem.


They lost both games, last week. First, they were destroyed in BCL by the visitors from Nizhny Novgorod with 92-71.

But the second game, in Legabasket against newly promoted Alma Trieste was their “best” piece. In what was supposed to be an Italian derby, Avellino (who recently added ex-Euroleague center, Patrick Young) was trashed with 110-64. Even worse, 4 Avellino key-players had together -5 on index rate. Something unacceptable!

This was our top 5 for the last week. Send your suggestions for this week at info@brainbasketball.net or through the FB page!

Gratian Cormos, info@brainbasketball.net

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