Istanbul BBSK – they do anything to lose in Europe Cup

Istanbul BBSK - they do anything to lose in Europe CupHave you ever heard in your life about a team who rest his players in the European cups to have them “fresh” for the domestic league? When, normally, the European competition is the best of the best for a club achievements.

But this Turkish team thinks different: after just 2 rounds of Fiba Europe Cup, they resigned already with the qualification idea. So, they keep all the foreigners on the bench (and they are not injured), playing just with the Turkish players.

Due to this strange idea, they’ve lost at home the 3rd round of the group against Pinar Karsiaka with 55-81 and yesterday again they were destroyed with 47-85 by the visitors Donar Groningen! This time, the foreigners of Istanbul didn’t enter a second during the game.

And then, in TBSL, the Turkish championship, Istanbul BBSK use a lot all the foreigners.

Something is missing from the picture, I don’t know what, but why a team want premeditated to lose all their games at home in Fiba Europe Cup?

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